Venue & Equipment Hire

Hiring Information

The Ararat Town Hall has numerous areas available for hire for your next function, whether it be a theatre production, wedding, meeting, conference, party, dinner. Talk to us about your hiring requirements.

Application to hire can be found here: here 


Venue Enquiries

Venue enquiries including inspection of hire spaces can be made by appointment – Contact Us here.

Office Hours

Tuesday through to Friday from 10:00am – 4:00pm Closed public holidays



This room can be utilised as a large space for such events as concerts, theatre productions, cabaret, formal balls and expositions. Due to flexibility of auditorium lay outs, a vast array of set up options are available, making it possible to configure it in such a way as to reduce the size utilised, thus providing a cosy and comfortable setting. For shows such as concerts or seminars, we can comfortably seat up to 500 people. For theatre productions, which are usually performed on the floor in front of the retractable seating, usual arrangements allow for 243 people, but increased numbers can be accommodated if the performance takes place on our modular stage (although this can restrict movement of actors, scenery and piano use). Two large dressing rooms and a spacious green room are available.

Supper Room

An area which is adjacent to, and smaller in size, than the auditorium. The Supper Room can be used as a dining room, meeting room, training room, auction room, and also as an extension of the auditorium when extra space is required.


This area is often used for smaller meetings, auctions and receptions. The foyer houses a new bar, ticket box, cloaking area and lounge.


The kitchen is well equipped with:

  • Combi oven
  • 4 burner stove
  • Dishwasher
  • Large coolroom
  • Instant hot water unit
  • Display fridges x 2
  • Stainless steel bench tops
  • Servery area to supper room

Technical Information


No permanent stage. Modular stage (rostra) at a height of (usually) 0.8 metres can be erected, or performance can take place on floor level, depending on seating requirements and sight lines.

Rostra is modular at 2m x 1m. 30 units are available and can be configured in many ways. Safety railing is provided

  • Height: 0.8 metres
  • Depth: 6.0 metres
  • Width: 10 metres
Height & Width
  • Floor to light grid: 7 metres
  • Floor to FOH lighting bar: 6 metres
  • Floor to underside of movable trusses: 5.5 metres
  • Width, wall to wall 14 metres
Curtains & Drapes
  • Front draw curtains attached to truss2 (LX1) – can be operated from control room or prompt side, side stage
  • Back draw curtains
  • Half tabs, borders and legs
  • Electric scenery rollers x 3
  • Cyclorama
  • Lighting bars and ancillary equipment (eg curtaining) is mounted on rolling trusses which move through the hall
  • Five rolling trusses, of which 4 trusses are usually mounted over the stage area, and 1 is utilised as a FOH bar
  • Selecon Zoom Spot 16-32degrees (1200 watts) 10 units
  • Selecon SPX Zoom Spot 15-35 degrees (800 Watts) 10 units
  • Strand Electric 743 Fresnels (1200 watts) 5 units
  • Source 4 Junior x 6 units
  • RAMA Fresnels x 8 units
  • Rank Strand 803 Fresnels (500 watt) 3 units
  • Rank Strand 813 and 823 (500 watt) 4 units total
  • RGB LED Par Cans (20 units)
  • RGBW LED Par Cans (12 units)
  • Maxim XL lighting console
  • Control – operable from control booth or auditorium
  • Follow Spots x 2 units (one is an older unit the is used infrequently due to light intensity)
  • DMX to lighting bars
  • 240v power to lighting bars
  • 48 Channel Dimmer rack
  • Overhead projector
  • 3 Phase power is available throughout  the auditorium
  • Clean 240 volt 10 amp power is available (specifically for audio),  throughout the building
  • Numerous power points (GPO) are available throughout the building

Yamaha QL1  digital mixing console

FOH speakers are mounted on truss No. 2 (LX1) and are more than sufficient for the auditorium, with an excellent sound quality

Patch points available throughout the building

  • Radio microphones x 4
  • Shure SM58 line microphone x 3
  • Beyer dynamic line microphone x 2
  • Pro audio fold back wedges x 5 (3 are powered)
  • DVD player
  • Compact disc player

1952 Steinway M baby grand

Access to Stage

Loading Bay at rear of building (off High Street – Western Highway).

  • 1 metre high x 4 meters wide