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The Hunter. The Hunted.

Desire can be wonderful, can drive you crazy and can even get you killed.

Event, Performance, Schools & Teachers

Free Entry


Wednesday 10th June 2020


11.00am - 12.00pm


Town Hall



This show is being rescheduled to 2021 – stay tuned!

Student tickets to this show are $12.

The Hunter. The Hunted. is about the battle between the head and the heart, the rational and intuitive, played out in the realm of relationships. It explores loyalty, obsession and how we can lose ourselves in the pursuit of what we think will make us happy.

The narrative follows a love triangle set in a gothic melodramatic world of burgeoning scientific discovery, Gabardine coats, old mansions and ballroom dances. Interwoven are the actors’ personal stories of failure in love, and a cast of idiot clowns trying to find the love of their lives. Three theatrical styles expertly woven together, the show explores how the internal forces of desire and fear push and pull at us with both wonderful and painful consequences.

Company 13’s artistic mission is to present works that deal with the emotional landscape that is common to us all. Love and fear in relationships are universal and this show offers up an exploration of these polarities within a unique mode of theatrical expression.

The audience will escape into a world that is playful and dramatic – a world where they will laugh and cringe with recognition of their own experiences, and connect to the stories of human fragility and strength.

Running time: 60 minutes, no interval
Recommended ages: 16 +

Please note – the naming of the Ararat Town Hall seating rows has changed with the front row, closest to the stage, now named “Row A”.

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