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Fairytale Cookbook

With Impro Melbourne

Event, Performance, Schools & Teachers



Tuesday 3rd March 2020


10.00am - 11.00am


Town Hall



Please note – this show is for school groups only. Please contact the Box Office for bookings – 5355 0900. Further ticket discounts may apply to school groups.

The Fairytale Cookbook Workshop is a unique and engaging way to bring the magic of creating stories into the classroom. Let Impro Melbourne expertly provide the recipe for your students to tell great stories. Using well-established fairytale archetypes as ingredients and classical story design as the method, your participants will understand not only what makes a great story, but also how to construct one themselves with their personal unique twists.

The elements introduced are: character archetype, character description, character role and classic story structure. By placing these elements in the form of a “recipe”, the students absorb the learning quickly through direct engagement and practical application … and it’s fun! The participants will build and perform their own stories in the workshop. More importantly, they will be able to take this understanding of story forward into the classroom and their own creative writing.

The Fairytale Cookbook Workshop  encourages students to listen, respond, share ideas and think creatively. They will work individually and also as part of a creative team, exercising their personal and interpersonal communication skills.

Impro Melbourne performers have travelled the globe telling improvised stories and they bring that expertise into your environment in a way that will captivate and encourage your students’ passion for storytelling.

Victorian curriculum links: the arts, languages, the humanities – history, civics and citizenship.

Fairytale Cookbook is presented as a part of Regional Arts Victoria’s Arts and Education program.

Recommended for students from years 1 to 6.

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